The Hidden Forest Trail

We found a new way to cool off by hiking high up in the mountains of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge outside of Vegas. Forty-five minutes of bumpy dirt road driving, an ominous name of Deadman Canyon, and 5.5 miles of uphill climbing made our hike quite the special trek. Once we reached over 7000Continue reading “The Hidden Forest Trail”

Winter in Las Vegas

With foster kid recently moved out, our lives have been going through an interesting little season of renewal. The weather’s let us spend more time outdoors, my husband’s teaching job prompted the creation of a new home office in our house, and we’ve piled on all kinds of activities to keep us busy. Little DartContinue reading “Winter in Las Vegas”

One Crunchy Week

This week my ‘granola’ side came out in full force. I pulled all the middle school home economics lessons from the back of my brain and set out to recycle, reduce, and reuse. Menus were created, shopping lists were made with precision, and we made use of every last bit of food that we could.Continue reading “One Crunchy Week”

Costco Meal Prepping

My husband got a new side hustle teaching, yay! He’s going to be spending a bit more time away from home, but what a great opportunity for him to teach future electricians 🙂 As I finalized my shopping list and weekly menu this morning, I almost didn’t realize that my husband’s dinners away from homeContinue reading “Costco Meal Prepping”


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