What’s Vegas Like in the Fall?

Life in Las Vegas in the fall is the BEST! Not only do we have some of the prettiest mountain views all year round, but this is the time of year that it also starts to feel wonderful outside. Spring break visitors have it all wrong- fall is definitely the perfect season to visit Las Vegas. We don’t exactly have all those lovely fall colors you might expect for the season, but the mountain views surely make up for it.

Forget all the glitz and partying on the Strip, all the outdoorsy nature-filled places are where it’s at for me. Heck, I’m not sure I’ll ever run out of places to hike, run, walk, and explore here. We’ve lived here two years now and we still haven’t seen all of Red Rock National Conservation Area, the River Mountains Loop Trail, the Wetlands Loop Trail, and all the others waiting for us to discover. The entire family, foster kid included, is about to conquer a half marathon soon, so we’ve really had to buckle down and log more workouts and training miles. With temps in the 70’s during the day and 60’s at night, we are outdoors as much as possible!

Apart from the mountain views, one of the things I love most about being outside here is all the beautiful plant and animal life. The desert is a tough place, but if you look hard enough there are plenty of cute critters to be found. Even my little backyard is graced with hummingbirds and the occasional bat, spooky! Thankfully the tarantulas and rattlesnakes tend to stay the heck away from me. I’m just so disappointed I haven’t found a tortoise in the wild yet, or any of those dumb bighorn sheep that have been hiding from me.

I continue to be spoiled by all the trails here, and baffled at how I ever got my vitamin D when I was always stuck living indoors in Indiana. I’m not sure how I used to have time to watch television for hours a day- now it’s all exercising, reading, dinners outside, and hot tubbing on the agenda at my house. Someday Vegas might get a mojlittle too ‘busy’ for me, and I’ll probably retreat to the woods and make a wonderful hippie, but for now the desert is just the place I love to be.

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