Dog Training and Puzzle Toy Haul

To kick off the summer, and prepare for our loads of indoor time while the desert heats up, my dog Dart and I recently grew our collection of fun toys! Though I love my local pet store, we found some really awesome new dog supplies online this time. To ward off any summer boredom, weContinue reading “Dog Training and Puzzle Toy Haul”

A Weekend (Mostly) Unplugged

With a whirlwind of recent activity at our house, and a milestone anniversary, it was time to kick back and enjoy some backyard camping at our house this weekend. After 1 foster kid and 4 foster kittens moved out it became clear that I needed plenty of time to recharge. Here are some of ourContinue reading “A Weekend (Mostly) Unplugged”

The One Where Dart Went Swimming

It’s finally happened. My dog discovered there is a large body of water in our back yard. After weeks of ignoring our hot tub, and being especially afraid of the cover (it’s big and noisy), Dart realized he just HAD to go for a swim. Does anyone else’s dog have trouble turning off that doggie-paddlingContinue reading “The One Where Dart Went Swimming”

How to get organized for winter dog walks

BRRRR! We are getting down to the 30-50℉ weather and getting out for walks is tough! What can I say, we’re both weenies after moving from Indiana and acclimating to the Las Vegas desert heat. Taking Dart out in the winter involves a lot more preparation and gear, so this is how we stay organizedContinue reading “How to get organized for winter dog walks”

Five varieties of holiday gifts for your dog

It’s time to start holiday shopping for the favorite dogs in your life! Need a little inspiration? Here are five different styles of gift that will enrich your dog’s senses and help him have even more fun with you this holiday season. Edible treats These are one of Dart’s favorite, and the easiest to buy!Continue reading “Five varieties of holiday gifts for your dog”

Entertain your dog on a budget: Seven ways to play with your pup without buying new dog toys

Get creative with seven new ways to entertain your dog on a budget. Save your hard-earned money and reuse things you already have in your home to invent new ways to play with your canine friend.