A Weekend (Mostly) Unplugged

With a whirlwind of recent activity at our house, and a milestone anniversary, it was time to kick back and enjoy some backyard camping at our house this weekend. After 1 foster kid and 4 foster kittens moved out it became clear that I needed plenty of time to recharge. Here are some of our weekend adventures to inspire your own free time.

First of all, I have to celebrate these 4 kittens. They moved into our house at just 6 days old, and I invested between 4-6 hours per day in taking care of them. They all loved to play on the broom and run around through my shower, Edward and Jacob loved to climb on top of the cage, and Emmett loved to climb up on my shoulder to cuddle. We were reaaalllllly ready to keep Edward if we could, but a nippy Dart said heck no to having a kitten stay long-term. On Friday they finally turned 6 weeks old and were big enough to return to the animal shelter for their spay and neuter surgeries. These babies worked so hard to learn to eat on their own and they grew up into such cute little monsters that they were all adopted by Sunday ❤ I miss them but it sure is nice to have my master bathroom back to normal. Those middle of the night feedings were rough, I think I need to wait until summer break before taking on another litter!

I worked a tiny bit on Friday, and the hubs totally had the day off, so we enjoyed a nice lunch out at Sharky’s. It was my first time there, and I must say, yum! I have a really nice student that gave a me a Sharky’s gift card during teacher appreciation week, so lunch out was an extra special treat. Despite wind that causes a slight danger of me eating my own hair, now is the PERFECT time of year to enjoy outdoor dining in Las Vegas! Who am I kidding? As long as there’s shade and water, I’ll still be trying to eat outside at restaurants when it’s 90-100℉ out there. I love the desert; meanwhile, my Indiana family is toughing it out with days of rain and temps in the 40’s. So glad we’re done with that craziness!

While I was out volunteering on Saturday morning, Dart got his first box from Chewy! I was super impressed, we must live quite close to their warehouse because the package was delivered within 24 hours of us ordering. He got a new puzzle toy that makes him work to follow a sequence of lifting, sliding, and flipping open container lids to find treats or food. It was definitely the right choice for him, not too easy that it’s boring, and not so hard that he gives up! We also bought his first balance disc to I can help him work on some of his core strength, balance, hip stability, and knowing where his back feet are. Dachshunds tend to have back problems (as this one proved to us in 2014), so we’re taking preventative measures to keep his musculoskeletal system in good working order. At our house, it’s affectionately called “doccupational therapy.” (He’s a dachshund, I’m an occupational therapist…) I think all these activities are definitely helping Dart to feel a little less bored and hopefully a lot more self-confident too. Dart had a recent health scare with chocolate toxicosis (thank you foster kid that was a food hoarder) so he’s been getting especially spoiled around our house for the last few weeks.

With my husband and I ready to mark our 15th wedding anniversary, we treated ourselves to new camping supplies for a little staycation. Since we got married in 2006, we chose to watch a 2006 movie: The Prestige. After that I tried my hand at our first charcuterie board, and it didn’t turn out as ugly as I expected! I’m the worst at crafting sometimes, so arranging food in a pretty manner was not something I was overly confident about. We set up our new tent somewhat awkwardly, completely afraid to drive tent stakes into our expensive turf! Gallon jugs of water came to the rescue to hold our tent down in the wind, lol. Dart approved of the new tent and cushiony sleeping pads, and I definitely won the dog over with my roomy warm sleeping bag too. The only thing my pup wasn’t a fan of was the scary campfire we built, he stayed inside the house for that activity! Perhaps you could call our weekend “glamping” since we still had the luxury of going indoors for all the modern conveniences as needed. The next time we go out will be for real, primitive camping in Utah, yikes! Time to learn to cook on a campstove (or even buy one for starters) and figure out how to not freeze my booty off overnight.

So there you have it, I completed a weekend without sobbing over my 5 fosters going to their permanent homes. I engaged in the slightest bit of retail therapy, volunteered, tried a new restaurant, started some new training with the dog, tapped into my creative foodie side, and ventured outdoors for a romantic backyard camping getaway. COVID-19 has definitely forced me to be more resourceful and intentional with me free time, so we’ll see what creative new activity I can think up next.

Happy adventuring everyone ❤

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